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Archive Notes

As set forth in the disclaimer appearing at the conclusion of the end roll credits of the documentary, the producers have made every reasonable effort to protect the rights of the creators and performers of the works shown in or referred to in the documentary, and have also sought to verify insofar as reasonably possible that the rights of third parties have not been infringed. If any person or entity is of the opinion that his/her/its copyrights were violated in this documentary, the producers request that any such person or entity contact the producers as soon as possible at Pursuant to applicable law, including without limitation all relevant intellectual property and other laws regarding clearance of the documentary film in its entirety, without waiver of any rights or remedies of producers, and with a full reservation of producers’ rights with regarding to the interpretation, construction, and application of Article 27a to Israeli copyright law (2007), certain limited use has been made of archival, historical photographic images of the primary subject of the documentary Rael (former known as Claude Vorilhon) and certain of his family members and/or relatives or acquaintances. These photographic images are believed by the producers primarily to pre-date 1958 and may have been taken in one or more countries in Europe, such as France, however a conclusive determination has not yet been made as to exact source, date, and geographic location of the foregoing archival/historical images.  Any person or entity who may have a reasonable basis to assert her or his entitlement to or in any copyright interest in these pictures are welcome to contact the producers regarding any such copyright interest.

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